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    Reposting a wonderful review from Amazon.com:

    “An amazing book for readers who love mystery, adventure, science, fantastic worlds and heart thrilling stories. I can’t wait for the following books. Highly recommended.” – Angie and Diego

    Please post your reviews on the Amazon sites too. There is a different set of reviews for each country.

  2. I read a preview copy and now have my own copy of the book. When reading it the second time, I noticed more details and enjoyed getting to know each character closer. The first time I read the book, I wanted to know what happened next. On the second read, it was fun to take the time and to enjoy it. I find the worlds of Arra and Celmarea equally interesting and highly recommend the book if you like fantasy fiction.

  3. I like the cover of the book. The attractive purple background and the lonely dark silhouette of a tall, strong-willed, brave young girl, standing on the very edge of a rocky cliff near the ocean is very appealing. She looks at the ocean, which she is not afraid of at all, and she is waiting for help, for some support from it, and she believes it’s coming soon.

    When I started to read the book, my mind did not wander. This fiction story caught my attention right away, from the first page, and the author kept me alert to the last one. I could not put the book down. I always wanted to know what would happen next. How would the heroes find their way out of another difficult situation?

    All of the characters are developed differently, but all of them are clever and strong. I like how the author adequately describes them. I like the detailed descriptions of the heroes appearance and their clothing, and how they react to each other in different situations.

    I also like the author’s writing style. It’s simple and clear. The chapters and paragraphs are not long, and there are lots of very effective dialogues. The book is very organized, easy to read, and exciting.

    While reading the book, I was involved in nonexistent beautiful world, and I did not regret it. I enjoyed living in it. Without giving away the ending, I can say it’s good and it leaves me waiting for publication of the next book, to see what happens next.

    This book is excellent for teenagers, women and men of any age (I am 71 years young, and I love this book very much).
    I encourage you- get the book, and enjoy the reading.

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    Check out more of the recent great reviews of “The Orphan’s Secret” on Amazon.com, Goodreads, and Amazon UK.

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