Book 3 “The Fallen Mender” update

Assassins are on their way, Prince Jaimin has been told in a dream. But the royals are not the only ones in danger: a fourteen-year-old girl in a white cloak arrives from the south to warn of an imminent attack by a mysterious, fire-wielding army. One war is not yet over, and another looks set to begin.

Despite the new threats, Elaina cannot afford to wait in Arra any longer. She must begin her mission: to rescue Princess Eleonora from a desert prison, and then to turn the ruthless Destaurian king to the light.

Jaimin, Alessa, Elaina and Makias lead an expedition across the wild eastern wilderness to progress Elaina’s mission. Meanwhile, Nastasha, Jaimin’s advisor, continues to make sacrifices for her country and those she loves. Will her sacrifices, and those of so many others, be enough to unwind an ancient curse and restore peace?

Principality, Book 3, “The Fallen Mender” will be released later this year.



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