Kindle Release of “The Captive Twin”

The Captive Twin

While everyone else prepares for war, Elaina is on a divine mission to restore peace. She grew up believing she was an orphan, but Elaina now knows who and what she is, and she’s learning how to use her new powers over nature, life, and death to achieve her goals.

Heavy snow is falling in Arra, and its army and royal court are hiding in caves from the Destaurian invaders. Elaina, her mentor Alessa, and Queen Alethea have journeyed northward to secure allies for a counterstrike.

Meanwhile, Elaina’s love Prince Jaimin learns how to inspire his people, and Jaimin’s best friend and advisor Nastasha struggles with her feelings for him.

Even if the counterstrike succeeds, peace is not assured. Ultimately, Elaina must travel far into a hostile land to find and heal the enemy king. And she will need the help of a family she never knew she had.

Click here to get Book 2 of the Principality series on Kindle.

Paperback release of “The Captive Twin”

Now available on paperback from

Follow the adventures of Elaina, Alessa, Prince Jaimin and Nastasha as they fight to quell an ancient evil and stop a war. CLICK HERE to obtain your copy. Kindle version will be available in a few weeks.

Book 2 is almost here!

Principality Book 2 "The Captive Twin" is almost here!

Just designing the cover and doing final proof now. Check out the countdown to release on the Facebook page.

Welcome new fans!

The reviews are coming in for The Orphan’s Secret and they are all great! Check them out on and Goodreads.

Readers seem to be enjoying the deep character development in the Principality series, and see it as a refreshing change from so many of the superficial stories out there today.

Welcome to the hundreds of readers who downloaded “The Orphan’s Secret” on Kindle last weekend! Please explore and sign up. We can’t wait to invite you as a Tselmarin (Celmarean) to our community.

Library bound

“The Orphan’s Secret” will be available soon through Wellington City Libraries. It’s in the catalogue already and they are just preparing it for the shelves.

Ask your local library to order “The Orphan’s Secret.” Contact Ariana for details on how.

Quiz Results: Who’s your Girl?

Over 400 people have taken the “Who’s your girl?” quiz so far, and have been matched to one of the leading ladies in “The Orphan’s Secret.”

  • 4% got NASTASHA, the stylish, socialite genius.
  • 63% got ELAINA, the clever and amazingly innocent farm girl.
  • 30% got ALESSA, Elaina’s mature, playful best friend and tutor.
  • 3% got the seductive and dangerous RAQUEL, and probably wish they hadn’t!

Elevation Notice

Congratulations to Panei Ieneper and Samei Smalthir who have been elevated to Neotsa (Initiate)!

May the good works done by these faithful Celmareans be an example to others.

Blessings be upon you all your days.



The Orphan’s Secret sample page

Click here to read a sample page from “The Orphan’s Secret.”

In the passage from Chapter Five, Elaina and her tutor Alessa are bathing in the hot thermal pool. Elaina has finally relaxed enough to be able to tell Alessa about her traumatic experience the night before.

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We have a lot planned here on the island, so check back often. Quizzes, games, serious chats about work we should be doing in our worlds… Because it’s not just about fun–we Celmareans have to do real work to make our world a better place. Yesterday we expressed our support on Facebook for the conservation organisation Oceana for the outstanding work they are doing to save the seas.

Right now we’re really reaching out to bring as many wonderful people to the island as we can. We need a big community to really make positive changes for the world. You can help! Tell all your friends about us.



“The Orphan’s Secret” Now Available

Now available in paperback!

Principality Book One: “The Orphan’s Secret” by R J Francis is now available for worldwide orders on the Amazon CreateSpace store.

CLICK HERE to order your copy

The Kindle version should be available in a few weeks, and more information about Kindle pre-orders will be posted here soon.

It’s also available on, and Amazon sites in UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain!


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