Principality: Book One
by R J Francis

In the kingdom of Arra, where castles and crossbows mix with hints of advanced technology, and a few families wield the power to control mind or matter, an old conflict between Arra and its neighbor, Destauria, is renewed.

Jaimin, the prince of Arra, seems to be the enemy’s first target, and he must rely on his brilliant best friend, Nastasha, and his unexpected new love, the farm girl Elaina, to help him survive the plots of those vying for power.

Entangled in a web of romance, the trio must bury their turbulent emotions if they are to save their kingdom from the devious threats it faces—from afar and from within.

Together, the three young heroes unlock the secrets of the past, discover clues left by their forebears, and learn the roles they must fulfill to save their people.

R J Francis’s exciting tale explores the intricacies of love, friendship, and the will of the divine spirit. The heroes learn that by firmly trusting in themselves, each other, and the divine spirit, they can overcome all obstacles and achieve the impossible.

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Meet the characters


The Artist

Age: 19
Loves cooking, cheesemaking, horses, and Jaimin.
“Whenever you can’t find the strength to believe in yourself, believe in me.”


The Prince

Age: 17
Loves archery, hiking, gemstones and Elaina.
“She is who she is. She’s wonderful, and I don’t care where she fits in.”


The Genius

Age: 17
Loves studying, socializing, fashion, and Jaimin.
"You’re wrong not to care. If anything comes of this, the kingdom will care."


The Guardian

Age: Mid 30s
Loves houseplants, hot springs, and long dresses.
"We learn best when we’re on edge. Focused on the moment, ready for anything…”


The Enforcer

Age: Late 30s
Loves torture and ... Well, just stay clear of him.
"I knew you’d be trouble, you filthy worm.”