Quiz Results: Who’s your Girl?

Over 400 people have taken the “Who’s your girl?” quiz so far, and have been matched to one of the leading ladies in “The Orphan’s Secret.”


Elevation Notice

Congratulations to Panei Ieneper and Samei Smalthir who have been elevated to Neotsa (Initiate)! May the good works done by these faithful Celmareans be an example to others. Blessings be upon you all your days. -PRIESTESS ARIANA

Welcome USA

We’ve been getting a lot of visitors to the island from this place called “USA”. It’s great to have you! We welcome anyone from anywhere to stay a while on the island. Don’t forget to sign up before you head back out to sea. We have a lot planned here on the island, so check back often. Quizzes, games, serious chats about work we should be doing in our worlds… Because it’s not just about fun–we Celmareans have to do real work to make our world a better place. Yesterday we expressed our support on Facebook for the conservation organisation …


Welcome to our island!

Take off your shoes, sink your feet into our white sand beach, and start exploring. Be sure to visit our PARTICIPATE page to find out about how you can become a Celmarean.