Book 3 “The Fallen Mender” update

Assassins are on their way, Prince Jaimin has been told in a dream. But the royals are not the only ones in danger: a fourteen-year-old girl in a white cloak arrives from the south to warn of an imminent attack by a mysterious, fire-wielding army. One war is not yet over, and another looks set to begin. Despite the new threats, Elaina cannot afford to wait in Arra any longer. She must begin her mission: to rescue Princess Eleonora from a desert prison, and then to turn the ruthless Destaurian king to the light. Jaimin, Alessa, Elaina and Makias lead …

Kindle Release of “The Captive Twin”

While everyone else prepares for war, Elaina is on a divine mission to restore peace. She grew up believing she was an orphan, but Elaina now knows who and what she is, and she’s learning how to use her new powers over nature, life, and death to achieve her goals. Heavy snow is falling in Arra, and its army and royal court are hiding in caves from the Destaurian invaders. Elaina, her mentor Alessa, and Queen Alethea have journeyed northward to secure allies for a counterstrike. Meanwhile, Elaina’s love Prince Jaimin learns how to inspire his people, and Jaimin’s best …

Paperback release of “The Captive Twin”

Follow the adventures of Elaina, Alessa, Prince Jaimin and Nastasha as they fight to quell an ancient evil and stop a war. CLICK HERE to obtain your copy. Kindle version will be available in a few weeks.

Meet Nastasha!

She’s brilliant and will defend those she loves with her life. Our lovely hero Nastasha was featured today on, the online home of Science Fantasy. Get to know Nastasha here:

Library bound

“The Orphan’s Secret” will be available soon through Wellington City Libraries. It’s in the catalogue already and they are just preparing it for the shelves. Ask your local library to order “The Orphan’s Secret.” Contact Ariana for details on how.


The Orphan’s Secret sample page

Click here to read a sample page from “The Orphan’s Secret.” In the passage from Chapter Five, Elaina and her tutor Alessa are bathing in the hot thermal pool. Elaina has finally relaxed enough to be able to tell Alessa about her traumatic experience the night before.

“The Orphan’s Secret” Now Available

Principality Book One: “The Orphan’s Secret” by R J Francis is now available for worldwide orders on the Amazon CreateSpace store. The Kindle version should be available in a few weeks, and more information about Kindle pre-orders will be posted here soon.