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Explore the gorgeous island we call home. Get pleasantly lost in our lush forests. Watch as thousands of delicate wildflowers pop open as the air warms. Inhale the sweet fragrance of the golden grain fields after a rain. Sink your feet into the sand. Dive into the sea at the mouth of a chalk-white cave. Click here.
Our culture is over ten thousand years old. Learn about our values, our arts, our ways, and the revered families who look after us. Click here.
Discover our connection with the divine spirit and the tenets that guide our every action. Click here.
Their palace, their temples and their shrines were rumored to be artistic and architectural wonders. They wrote exquisite poems about love, nature, the sea… Nastasha, on the celmareans


Discover our nearest neighbor, the mainland kingdom of Arra, where a dense coastal forest is separated from a hazardous volcanic plain by a majestic mountain range. Diamonds, rubies, natural wonders and hazards abound. Click here.
The peaceful, knowledge-seeking Arrans have made huge strides in technology, and some practical advances have made their way into daily life. Those in the royal court lead a privileged life, but the commoners live well too. Click here.
Arrans whole-heartedly believe in the divine spirit, its influence over their lives, and the afterlife. However, their focus is on this world. Strangely, they consider discussing spirit things presumptuous and taboo. Click here.
As you probably know, we Arrans practically worship science… But we’re slow at putting our discoveries to practical use. Nastasha, on the Arrans