We sail three days to visit the spectacular land of our ally: the kingdom of Arra.

The land with two personalities

Arrans often describe their land as having two different personalities: one tranquil and nourishing; the other capricious and deadly. They are talking about the two halves of their kingdom–the peaceful forested slope west of the dividing range, and the volcanic wasteland to the east.

In fact, all of Arra is volcanic. In the west, the heat deep below the ground warms springs that well up beneath the forests. Crystals forged by the heat such as diamonds and corundum (rubies and sapphires) are common in the rivers. On the drier, eastern side of the range, the volcanic action is nearer to the surface. Random explosions terrify those brave enough to live there, opening craters that spew mostly steam, but sometimes lava. The soil in the east is excellent for farming-if you’re brave enough.


Lovely gemstones sparkle in the riverbeds and outcroppings.

Volcanic unrest

Watch out! An unexpected eruption can ruin your day.

Hot springs

An amazing bathing experience awaits you. But check the temperature of the pool first.

The trees around them

Western Arra is blanketed by a deciduous forest which stretches from base of the mountains to the black sand beaches, north past the border of Audicia, and south into the hostile kingdom of Destauria. The trees have been cleared for settlement and farming at Arra’s capital, and for housing near the smaller port city. If you live anywhere else in Arra, you live in the woods.

Arra’s farms ring the capital and produce everything the kingdom needs. Each week farmers bring their goods to market. In The Orphan’s Secret, you will learn about a young lady named Elaina who helps run one of the more profitable farms.

Mines and quarries lie hidden beneath the trees, mainly in the north. Some of the region’s finest granite and marble are quarried here.

Arra's land

You don’t have to go far to experience Arra in its natural state. The forests are home to deer, bears, wild cats, and a thousand more fascinating species of plants and animals.

Arra's bounty

Arrans take from the land only what they need. The farming belt is not large. Mines and quarries don’t extract too much. And many gemstones are left where they lie, despite their value.

Arra's beaches

Majestic black sand beaches stretch below black sea cliffs. It looks magical when it snows on the beach. Whales can sometimes be spotted spouting on the horizon.

Where they live

Most Arrans live in the capital city, which is near the exact center of western Arra. Many rooftops in the city offer a view of the sea. Wealthier families reside in the eastern districts, while poorer families have settled in the northwest. The fortified castle complex is at the northern end of the city. The lively merchant district is in the city’s center, and features many public squares.

Arrans who farm the rich soil live in comfortable farmhouses in the farm belt that rings the city on three sides.

Fishers, merchant traders, and navy families live in the small port city southwest of the capital.

The city

The bustling capital city is home to most of Arra’s population.

The castle

The fortified complex known as “the castle” is home to Arra’s royal court and their servants. It has it’s own academy, gardens and market. Subjects are welcome to visit the castle courtyard during the day.

The port

The small port city is home to Arra’s navy and warehouse district. It is connected to the main city by the King’s Highway, a wide and well-lit route.