Faith first in themselves

The peaceful Arrans have learned that to survive in their harsh environment they need to constantly better themselves and to be able to depend on each other. They hesitate to put their faith in things they can’t prove. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t curious about life’s mysteries. In fact, they are driven to excel by what they don’t know.


Arrans are brilliant knowledge seekers and inventors. They have to be. With zero net population growth, natural hazards, and the constant threat of invasion, their survival depends on their cleverness.

Spirit world
The Spirit World

Arrans believe in the spirit world but they don’t talk about it in public. Most talk of other worlds is forbidden. But in private homes, and in the academies, arcane secrets are sometimes uncovered.

For over a thousand years, Arra has enjoyed peace within her borders. For over a thousand years, nations have risen and fallen around her, while she has enjoyed stability and progress. Her people have always been content, her leaders benevolent and competent. Arrans have striven to understand the mysteries of the world around them for their own protection, and for the enhancement of their happiness.Queen Alethea
Funeral colors

Colors have great significance in Arran culture, and they are tied to certain Arran beliefs. For example, there are four official funeral colors, each with a special meaning. Click on the colors below to learn their meaning.


Flesh and soil

Our dead bodies can be returned to the soil to nourish and replenish it.


Void and veil

Death of a loved one has left a void in our lives. They are hidden by a black veil.


Our sorrow

We wear grey for thirty days after a funeral. It reminds others to be sensitive.


Our hope

Despite our loss we are strong, resilient and creative, and we will continue to succeed.