Celmarean Beliefs
The divine spirit is what it is; it cannot be fully described in any human terms. We can only speak of aspects of the divine spirit. Through Areu, we learn which aspects of life (like love and peace) are aligned with the will of the divine spirit.

It is a force that helps us identify impurities in ourselves and others. Even children can feel Areu, but we are most in touch with it when we reach the age of Kalmise. How we choose to respond to the impurity is our choice. Depending on the circumstances, we can cleanse it, destroy it, or avoid it. But we can never tolerate it.

Yes. You can choose to follow the will of the divine spirit, or choose not to. Even if we choose not to, which is not in our interest, the will of the divine spirit will eventually be done.

Yes. Good is anything aligned with the will of the divine spirit. Everything else is bad.

It is the real world beyond that which our minds are trained to see. But minds can be retrained.

It is when our physical body ceases to function and no longer binds us to this part of the spirit world. Is it the end of us? No.

Celmarean Life Stages

  • Birth and childhood

    We are born and grow. We are nurtured by our families and friends. From birth our opinions, needs, and wishes are valued.

  • Early adolescence

    We go through Desimise, a period of rapid physical and emotional growth.

  • Late adolescence

    We go through Kalmise, a period of rapid spiritual growth.

  • Adulthood

    We learn, travel the spirit world, and give of ourselves as long as our physical bodies permit.

Priestesses and Priests

We are called Samei / Sami.
This role is passed to us from our fathers.
We connect our people with the divine spirit.
We guide them through the realms.
We guard the secret ways.

Our temples and shrines

We often visit or even camp at our lovely temples and shrines, which are built at the most beautiful sites across the island.


Palace Temples (12)


Western Temple


Central Temple


Eastern Temple


Southern Temple


Beach Shrine


Spring Shrine


Dunes Shrine


Evening Shrine


Morning Shrine


Cliff Shrine


Meadow Shrine