Celmarean culture

Our culture is over ten thousand years old. Learn more about our ways.

Our roles


The divine spirit has invested our princesses with the strength and wisdom to lead us. Their rule is fair and benevolent. Known by its most ancient name Irestala Tamikle, the Celmarean Council is a constant, reassuring presence among us.

Our Panim will always hear our petitions, day or night. We are respectful of their time and we provide for their every need.

The size of the Council varies over time, because our leaders inherit their roles from their mothers. In our history there have been Councils as many as thirty, and as few as four.


Our keepers look after many of the practical matters that sustain our civilization. With help from all Celmareans, they maintain our palaces, temples and shrines. They also look after our roads, squares and public storehouses. They run our libraries and archives. They oversee all of the living needs for the Panim and Sanim. Theirs is a truly respected role.


Samim like me, Priestess Ariana, help all of our people discover and follow the will of the divine spirit. It is a pleasure to impart the ancient knowledge to all, and to watch young islanders grow to find and achieve their purpose.

You will often find us at the palace, or at our temples and shrines throughout the land, teaching and guiding our fellow islanders.

We know secrets about our history and about our divine role that the current generation is not ready to understand.


Celmareans who do not have a traditional role are free to explore any occupation, art, or craft that they desire. Some are artists, farmers, bakers, fishers, jewelers, builders, writers, and musicians.

It is a source of unending excitement for me to learn how the divine spirit has guided each of our wonderful people to spend their time.

Our daily lives


Creating everything from visual arts to music, to drama, to architecture, Celmareans use their knowledge of the human spirit to design and perform works of art that touch us profoundly.


Celmarean art is so moving, sometimes precautions have to be taken to prevent harm to the observer.


Quality education is available to all Celmareans throughout our lives. Our children attend structured academies to build social bonds and learn group dynamics. Education is tailored to individuals’ interests, strengths and divine mission.


Many academy classes are held outdoors.


Celmareans are highly active. We know how a finely tuned body is able to stay in better contact with the divine spirit. We are drawn to the outdoors to climb, swim, and run. Sometimes we set up challenges for ourselves, but we never compete against one another.


Some Celmareans can breathe underwater! They stay beneath the ocean's surface for hours.

Our values

Celmareans are all about joy. Their goal is for everyone in their community to be as happy as they can possibly be. They are keen learners, but they don’t let the search for knowledge dominate their thoughts and actions as we sometimes do. Nastasha
    We are most connected with the will of the divine spirit when we are not beset by sadness or worry. We do everything we can to promote the absolute happiness of every islander.
  • LOVE
    There are two types of love, love of your fellow, and love of your soul mate. We Celmareans find our soul mates early in life and our bond is forever. We show compassion and love to every islander, because such is the will of the divine spirit.
  • LIFE
    We are Celmareans forever, but our physical time here is limited. That’s why we eat well, we treat our bodies well, and we nurture our minds and spirits. We also tend to the needs of our island and the creatures we share it with.
    Our beauty, which can take many forms, creates happiness in others. Therefore, we pay close attention to what makes us beautiful. Where we can, we leave a legacy of beauty for our children.