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It would be an honor to welcome you to our community. Find out how to participate below.

It’s easy!

  • Register for this site, post comments, and explore.
  • Become a Celmarean, after reading “The Orphan’s Secret.”
  • Progress through the next eight Kalmise (enlightenment) levels by doing actual good works and building your Principality community.
To become a Tselmarin (Celmarean) you need to have read the book The Orphan’s Secret. Just send me a note telling me your favorite part, and I will elevate your role.
You may also choose a special role and title. Just let me know what you want to be:

  • Panei (Princess/Prince)
  • Samei (Priestess/Priest)
  • Lemsen (Keeper)
We Celmareans view all humans as inherently exceptional, perfect beings. However, by becoming an islander you will attain a higher level of trust and fellowship within our community.

  • You can enter the private Celmarean archives that contain secrets that Mainlanders cannot know.
  • I will translate your user display name into the Celmarean language.
  • You can progress through the eight additional levels of Kalmise and receive special guidance from me at each level.
Kalmise is a stage of rapid spiritual growth that occurs for Celmareans in their late teens. It starts with the Neotsa (Initiate) level – see the chart at the bottom of this page. Through Kalmise, you become more in tune with the divine spirit’s will, and your own intuition.
The process is not easy; in fact, it is the scariest thing you will ever go through. But once you are through it, you will feel you have the power to achieve anything.
Each time you attain a level, I will send you instructions for attaining the next level. Three things will generally be required:

  • Pilantros (good deeds) Making positive changes in your world. See the card below for examples.
  • Diastos (expanding the community) Helping grow the Celmarean community. See the cards below for examples.
  • Eran (time) Taking the time to meditate on your accomplishments.
Contact me to let me know what you have achieved. I elevate users once a week, and I will announce your elevation online. You don’t have to tell me anything really personal. I trust you.
Yes! Mainlanders are precious contributors. When requesting elevation, make sure you mention what you’ve already done.


Levels are gained through doing actual good for the world.

Examples of Pilantros

Helping someone in need.
Helping the environment (including animals).
Teaching someone something new.
Building something useful.
Being a good friend.
Donating your time or money.
Speaking out over an injustice.
Doing something special for yourself.
Doing something else to help the world.


Levels are gained through helping to grow the Celmarean community.

Examples of Diastos

Linking to this site or the book sites.
Posting reviews of "The Orphan's Secret."
Getting your friends to become Celmareans.
Running a fan page or site.
Creating fan art.
Creating fan fiction.
Starting a Principality club.
Writing an article about Celmarea.
Helping build our community some other way.

What level are you?

  • Mauripetrin (Mainlander)

    A Mauripetrin is a cherished visitor to our island.

  • Tselmarin (Celmarean)

    A Celmarean is one of our own. A true islander beginning a journey.

  • Neotsa (Initiate)

    A Neotsa can begin to see and feel what will be required.

  • Protea (Awakened)

    A Protea collects the self-awareness that will be needed to survive.

  • Orama (Vision Seer)

    Prepared or not, an Orama is tumbling through the vision, almost uncontrolled.

  • Palia (The Prey)

    The Palia faces their deepest fears, and survival is not guaranteed.

  • Anaklips (Victor)

    The Anaklips succeeds, but it is not without cost.

  • Ierark (Champion)

    Only once the dust settles does the Ierark appreciate what has been achieved.

  • Iasos (Peer)

    The Iasos is welcomed by the leaders of the community as a peer.

  • Amika (Loved)

    The Amika is a brilliant shining star, respected as an elder and loved by all.

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